How to Boost Your Spouse’s Self-Esteem

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How can I help my spouse feel better about themselves? At some point in our lives, we all deal with issues regarding our self-esteem. Couples can be a great source of strength for one another when it comes to boosting a sense of self-respect in both individuals. You are the #1 person in the world who can help your spouse become happier and more confident. In today’s video, we’ll share some ways you can start working to help your spouse build a healthy sense of self-esteem. Since you’re married to your spouse, and you share a home and life together,…

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How to Defuse a BIG Fight

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You’re in the heat of battle. Your spouse has morphed into a nearly unrecognizable person, and you’re running defense in the worst way possible. What started out as a small disagreement has exploded into a full-scale BIG FIGHT. How did it get to this point? More importantly, how are you going to get out of it without causing major damage to your relationship? Hit the brakes. If your fight is spiraling quickly out of control, it’s time to take a breather. It’s up to you how long you take to cool down, but do whatever it takes to stop the…

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Help! How Do I Turn Off the Guilt?

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The smallest things push my “guilt button,” and I know this has a negative effect on my marriage. What should I do? “I could’ve done this.” “I should’ve done that.” “If I could do it over, I would’ve done this.” How many times have you spoken to yourself this way? Do you ruminate often about things you probably shouldn’t worry about? Do you have a constant wave of regret and second-guessing that leads to an unhealthy self-perception? These thought patterns can easily become addictive and toxic if you allow yourself to settle into them. Did you know that loading yourself…

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Emotional Intimacy: How to Connect on a Deeper Level

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You and your spouse have a good marriage–great, even–but you’re ready to take it to the next level. Maybe you’re physically intimate, but you want more of that intimacy to extend to your emotional life. In today’s post, we’re sharing five tips for increasing the emotional intimacy in your relationship. Each of these tips builds on the next to help you create the deep, fulfilling connection you’re craving. Nurture Trust In order for your marriage to be as emotionally intimate as possible, you and your spouse must be able to trust one another implicitly. This means that both of you…

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Chores & Housekeeping: Who Should Do What?

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I don’t do all the housework in our home, and my husband hates it! How do I tell him I can’t do it all on my own? Today’s busy culture has changed a lot about what life and work looks like. Full-time jobs now look very different than they used to, and both men and women are often stretched to their limit. So what do you do if you want to hire a little extra help around the house–and your husband or wife is totally against the idea? It’s difficult to approach your spouse and acknowledge a personal limitation. And…

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3 Ways to Soothe Your Spouse’s Anxiety

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Anxiety. Most of us have been there: an issue that–to the outside world–seems arguably small balloons into a crushing, suffocating weight. Our hearts race. Our palms sweat. We descend into a spiraling panic, and find that it’s difficult (and even hopeless) to stop the feeling of dread building inside our chests. Most of us know what anxiety feels like when it’s happening to us, but it can be difficult to know how to help someone we love when they are being riddled with it. It’s easy to feel at a loss, not knowing what to do or say. Can’t they…

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Help! My Husband Won’t Go Back to School

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Is there any way I can talk my husband into going back to school to further his career? We’re really struggling financially! Let’s say you’re a few years into marriage, and perhaps your husband’s career prospects aren’t looking very rosy. Maybe your income isn’t comfortable, or his professional status isn’t what you believe it should be. It’s important that you pause to consider your motivations behind these feelings. First, remember that you married your husband for his qualities, and that those qualities may now lend themselves to his current career situation. His vocation may be fulfilling for him, whether or…

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Broken Trust? Here’s How to Rebuild.

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When trust has been damaged or destroyed in a marriage, the rebuilding process takes a huge amount of patience, skill, and–above all–time. After your very foundation has been shaken, restoring trust in your marriage is literally a relationship makeover. You and your spouse must work together over time to rebuild the trust you lost, and both of you have a lot of work to do to get there. But with determination and an absolute commitment to restoration, your marriage can be healthy again. You might not realize it now, but if you’ve been betrayed by your spouse, you can begin…

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How to Value Yourself as a Stay-at-Home Mom

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Being a stay-at-home mom makes me feel self-conscious. How can I value myself more? Mom guilt: it’s a dreaded concept, and an unfortunate reality for most mothers. No matter what choices they’ve made regarding raising children and investing in their careers, women feel guilty. There seems to be no right answer, and there is definitely no perfect choice. In today’s video, Leslie tackles the mom guilt monster and discusses ways for mothers to start feeling more secure in their decisions. You’re feeling immense pressure because you’re the only mom your kids have, and you’re trying to be fully present for…

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Date Night: 5 Ways to Make It Great

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Dating your spouse is a great way to sustain and nurture the intimacy in your marriage. We highly recommend taking the time to have a regular date night with your husband or wife. Taking time away from your day-to-day life to focus on one another is a fantastic way to stay connected in spite of whatever else is going on in your life. Today, we’re sharing a few ways you and your spouse can create awesome dates–and great memories along the way. Tie Up Loose Ends at Home This may sound like a strange way to create an amazing date,…

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